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As a new mom I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to breastfeed no matter how hard it was. In the beginning, it definitely started off rough. The nipple pain and even fear that I would never produce enough milk to provide for my daughter. You’re not alone trust me. The first few weeks I experienced painful cracked nipples and I knew I needed immediate relief. After doing tons of research, I found this great product: Lansinoh HPA Lanolin. I loved it! It worked, it really worked…….AND it was safe enough for myself and Zoe.

My milk supply was different however. I didn’t have the perfect solution and I didn’t know all the answers. After tons of research and reaching out to my neighbor who is a current lactation specialist,  I had faith that I could do this and I wasn’t alone in the breastfeeding world. I was so afraid I would never produce enough. I became angry, frustrated, and emotional; until I finally made the decision to stop worrying and work my ‘butt’ off to provide for my baby. After all, it is ALL in the mind. Tell yourself YOU CAN DO THIS! Don’t stress, don’t give up, and don’t be so hard on yourself. If your baby is producing enough wet diapers, they are definitely getting enough from you 🙂

After nursing my daughter, I would immediately pump for an extra 10-15 minutes. You may not see any extra milk, but don’t give up, its all apart of the process. Eventually you’ll start to see an increase and your body will KNOW to make more milk. I was so motivated to breastfeed that even if I saw nothing and had no sleep, I still continued to pump and pump. The key is to TRICK your body into producing more milk. I continued to do that until my milk supply became greater than her needs. Breastfeeding eventually became so easy that I would pump after nursing and store it in the freezer for times when I was away.

How I Increased My Milk Supply:

I drank A LOT of Gatorade (preferably red), ate a bowl of oatmeal every morning (my fav), and snacked on Milkmakers Lemon Lactation Cookies. Oh, and don’t forget you NEED PLENTY of water, I drank a ton of it.

A trick I learned:

Drink half the bottle of Gatorade or the whole bottle if you’re really thirsty, before pumping! You could also eat at least two lactation cookies a day for an extra boost if needed.

You will NOT notice a difference in A DAY, but you WILL definitely see increase WITHIN TIME!




Now once you become a human COW and start to produce a ton of milk, you’ll need to find great storage bags. I started off using the Medela Pump and Save storage bags but I soon realized that the amount I pumped didn’t match the measurements on the bags which caused more confusion and even more irritation. So I decided to try the Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags and I fell in LOVE on the first use. These bags provided a more accurate measurement of how much I pumped and they were much easier to store.

Once you have poured your milk into the storage bags, let the rest of the air out and seal. It is perfectly OK to lay the bags flat while in the freezer to prevent over crowding in your freezer. I used a black sharpie to write the correct date, time, and amount on each bag for proper storage.


I hope that my post has made you a little more at ease with breastfeeding and pumping. Please feel free to leave a comment below with any tips,questions, or suggestions. OR if you prefer, you can send me an email “here“.


Carise Renae


  1. Tia | 27th Jul 16

    Yes for this! What a lifesaver for new moms! This one post has been so informative so, I’m definitely looking forward to more! ?

    • cariserenae | 19th Sep 16

      Can’t wait to share more!

  2. Monaia | 28th Jul 16

    Great job Carise! It is great to have a reminder of how wonderfully stressful pumping can be for a new mom. I look forward to reading your blog and re-learning as I jump bag on the newborn/nursing train.

    • cariserenae | 19th Sep 16

      awww, Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Passion | 14th Dec 16

    My baby boy was born a preemie so latching was not an option BUT I was the “milk queen” and pumped like crazy while he was still in th hospital and were able to save months worth of milk for him and it was by far the best thing ever and much healthier for him! He didn’t get it first cold until 7 1/2 months. Amazing right? Thanks for this post and allowing fellows moms to have a community where there is transparency and sharing of info. It’s always nice to share experiences amongst other moms, inspire and connect. Would love to see more!

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