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A Spark of Faith

Putting faith into a greater power is so strong and life changing.

I was raised in a Christian family but I honestly never got into it growing up. I kind of just believed there was a ‘Heaven’ but never felt much of a presence or relationship with God. This was until I was at the lowest point of my life and my depression was the worst it had ever been. I felt like I was running out of options and hope.

I decided to force myself to listen to worship music and try to see if I could resonate with the lyrics or feel something. Even though I was skeptical, I then started forcing myself to go to church. After going for a while, and actually paying attention to the messages, something changed in me. Long story short, I can honestly say that my life was saved by God and I believe that so firmly.

By no means do I want to push my faith or religion on anyone, this is just my story, but I can say from personal experience, that trusting in any higher power, makes life so much more clear. Knowing that there’s a purpose for you here, that you were created for a reason.

I have wanted to dive deeper into spirituality in general and I have come to learn about angel numbers. When I check the time and see that there are repetitive numbers, I take a screenshot on my phone and reflect. I look up what that series of angel numbers means and see if it has any significance in my life in that moment. Doing little acts like this make you feel like the universe or God or whatever you believe in, is protecting you and watching over you. There is so much peace in that.

I definitely recommend pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and doing some research about different religions or spiritualities. Especially if you feel like you’re in a dark place. See if anything speaks to you, and if it does, try implementing it more in your life and notice what shifts may occur in your mindset, lifestyle, or inner peace. Trust in something greater than yourself🤍


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